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Referral Program


**Are you a school retailer or key influencer? Seize the opportunity to earn exciting rewards by connecting with BGLK!

✨ **How It Works:**

1. **Refer a Client:** Share the magic of BGLK's customized woven fabric, sablay sashes, and lei garlands with your network.

2. **Qualifying Orders:** Your referral bonus activates when the referred client places a minimum order of 50 pieces.

3. **Earn Rewards:** Receive a 5% referral bonus for every sablay sash order and 3% for lei garlands.

4. **Automatic Bonus:** The referral bonus is automatic and hassle-free. No need to apply—once the order is fulfilled and paid in full, your bonus is ready.

5. **Claim at Your Convenience:** You're in control! Request to claim your referral bonus at any time after the order is successfully fulfilled.

**Terms and Conditions:**

- Referral bonus is applicable only for orders meeting the minimum quantity of 50 pieces.

- Bonus rates: 5% for sablay sashes, 3% for lei garlands.
- Bonus is automatically calculated and credited once the referred order is fulfilled and paid in full.
- The referring party must request to claim the bonus.
- The entire bonus amount can be claimed in one go after the order is fulfilled.


Maximize your connections, maximize your rewards! Join the BGLK Referral Program today and be part of weaving cultures together.

📧 Contact us at to get started!**

*Terms and conditions may apply. BGLK reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time.*

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