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Where traditions meet innovation! Discover why we're the leading maker of customized woven fabric, sablay, and lei garlands. We're dedicated to Weaving Cultures, Uniting Traditions. Join us in strengthening, promoting, and initiating cultural exchanges among our skilled local weavers from Luzon to Mindanao. 

bglk sash making every occasion special

Ruby Barbon, PSHS CARC

Hi Sir Phen.. Thank you so much for the beautiful leis.. Love it!

Eunie Ramirez, Toyota TMP

ang ganda po hindi na nila binalik waiting lang po ako sa marketing namin sa post nila fb para sa copy ng mga pictures nila.

Jevi Feria, QC

Thank you ha. Ang ganda nya. Gagamitin sa graduation sa US. Salamat at tiyak na mauulit ito

Our Flagship Products



Bespoke Sash

We specialize in crafting custom sashes for various occasions, offering a unique and intricate experience for both us and our clients. From design to weaving, embroidery, and sewing, our skilled artisans are dedicated to every stage of the process. At BGLK, we ensure a comprehensive experience by incorporating historical and cultural significance into our fabrics, all while adhering to our clients' budget. Additionally, we carefully select raw materials, considering the client's geography to guarantee the longevity of their sash.


Bespoke Lei Garland

We specialize in crafting both traditional and customized lei garlands exclusively for VIP guests. At BGLK, we prioritize creating unique and special lei garlands that truly complement the wearer. Each lei garland is meticulously handmade, involving various artisans in the process—from selecting the fabric to carving wood, engraving logos, sewing, and intricate beadwork. Our bespoke lei garlands are crafted using eco-friendly materials, contributing to environmental sustainability. These exceptional creations have been worn by numerous VIPs, including heads of states, ambassadors, and dignitaries, making them a symbol of distinction and elegance.


Bespoke Woven Textile

We specialize in creating customized fabrics tailored to our clients' unique designs. Collaborating closely with clients, we select raw materials with consideration for cultural significance and environmental conditions. Our comprehensive process includes design and weaving, ensuring the realization of each client's vision. At BGLK, we prioritize maximizing the full potential of every fabric, enhancing the overall experience by recommending materials that suit the client's specific setting or geography. For instance, we take into account factors like climate, suggesting fabrics suitable for hot and humid locations.

Some of Our Clients

Since it was founded in 2021, BGLK formerly called Baguio Lokal has worked on projects across all sectors, which has enabled us to grow and specialise alongside our clients from both the government & private sector.


Our Advantages



Buying handwoven fabric from BGLK ensures a commitment to eco-friendly practices. The textiles are crafted using traditional handweaving methods, minimizing the environmental impact associated with mass production and industrial processes. BGLK's dedication to sustainability aligns with the growing global awareness of the importance of eco-conscious choices.


Small Orders Accepted

BGLK accommodates the needs of a diverse customer base by accepting small orders. This flexibility is beneficial for individuals, small businesses, or anyone looking for unique and custom handwoven fabrics in quantities that suit their specific requirements. It opens up opportunities for creative projects without the constraints of large minimum order quantities.


Personalized Fabric Designs

BGLK offers a personalized touch to fabric designs, allowing customers to express their unique style and preferences. Through collaboration and customization, clients can work with BGLK to create fabrics that align perfectly with their vision. This personalized approach ensures that each piece is not just a product but a reflection of the customer's individuality.


Fast Delivery Rate

BGLK prioritizes efficiency in its delivery process. Fast delivery rates mean that customers can enjoy the benefits of handwoven fabrics without the prolonged waiting times often associated with custom or artisanal products. This commitment to swift delivery enhances the overall customer experience, ensuring timely access to high-quality, personalized handwoven textiles.


Referral Program

Maximize your connections, maximize your rewards! Join the BGLK Referral Program today and be part of weaving cultures and uniting traditions together.

Where to Find Us?

U824 & U516 Vinia Residences, 927 EDSA, Phil-Am Subd, Quezon City, Metro Manila (Manila Office)

905 Brentwood Village, Brgy. Manuel Roxas, Baguio City (Provincial Office)

Mobile: 0917-158-2445

Landline: 02-869-38768

Operating Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 7am - 7pm

Friday: Closed

​​Saturday: Closed

​Sunday: Closed

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